Working with energy.


HC1 is a strong, concrete and dynamic reality. Active throughout the European territory, HC1 deals with planning and implementation about renewavle energy.

Oleificio Cervini

Oleificio Cervini is a leader in the field of cooking and fuel oil. Olificio Cervini is a single broker who sells crude and refined oil.


Neways is the face of energy innovation in Italy, encourage and supports the developement of sustainable energy in Italy as from 2018.

The experience of more than half a century in the food trade at the national level leads the Cervini family’s Oleificio to take on a broader perspective and hence the birth of the HC1 group, introducing the company into the reality of fuel oil and sustainable energy.

Cervini Holding works in support of environment, making possible green projects and offering diversified services to companies.

What characterises the group is the ability to look ahead to the future, succeding in creating unexpected synergies which translates into a guarantee of success. The group represents the final stage of commercial culture with a new technological soul. The business culture, the consolidated relationships in years of activity and the family dimension make it possible to develop innovative projects and to seize market opportunities dynamically and flexibly.

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